Juliet’s Eggs

Juliet’s Eggs/Juliet no Tamago is rich with symbols and metaphor. It’s a difficult manga to digest. Using poetic dialogue with calm storyline makes this manga widely regarded as Yoshino Sakumi’s best work.

Tells about love between a pair of twins, Minato and Hotaru. Hotaru the younger is a beautiful art collage student. She is clumsy and very dependent on her brother Minato, spoilt and willful  handsome boy. Minato is loved with a stifling intensity by their mother, while self-contained Hotaru is neglected. When they were child, Hotaru almost suffered an autistic syndromes. Minato is the only person she want to communicate with. It gives them a strong sense of belonging for each other. They believe that they are actually one person and can’t live without the other one. Until someday Hotaru decided to leave the house to study art in Chiba. There she meets the art student Shimoda, gives her another perspective.



  1. Jasmine

    Hi, Can I know where did you find this scanlation? Thanks

  2. hey i have the first book but i cant find the next…do you have one???

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