Sayonara, Tama-chan


‘Sayonara, Tama-chan’ or literally translated as ‘Goodbye, My Ball-chan’  is a manga by Kazuyoshi Takeda

Takeda was an assistant artist under GANTZ author Hiroya Oku’s studio when he was diagnosed with Testicular cancer. He then turned his experience of losing one testicle and his life with the treatment in this family drama manga. This manga was nominated in Manga Taisho Award 2014.

Actually I haven’t read it (sadly only original scanlation are available – you can find here) so here is review by Otaku Champloo

it’s quite funny for something quite tragic. The other patients in the hospital are hilarious, poking fun at Tama-chan and his lovely wife. Unlike the author who is still gripping the idea of his sickness, the people around him are looking up. This gives him motivation to do something with his life. I can see why this title is nominated, not because I’m thinking the committee might be mostly male and would have their own worries on testicular cancer, but I think the story has a good premise on starting your life again when you’re at the end of it.


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