Itou Junji No Neko Nikki: Yon & Mu


The difference between fear and comedy is paper thin. Here’s a cat comedy from a horror manga author.

Ito Junji’s Cat Diary: Yon & Mu is another manga about daily life of pets and their mangaka owner. But if you expect something like Sentaro with lots of love and sun-filled naps, you’ll probably disappointed. Rather than a slice of life manga, this is really a gag manga where the jokes come from Ito subverting a stereotypical slice of life premise with his own special brand of absurd horror stylings.

If you don’t know Junji Ito, here are some introduction about his works.


Being a cat lover I was excited ( and worried at first ) to find out about this manga. Junji does show certain sense of humor in his horror comics but I didn’t expect what he did here. The mix of his unique horror drawing style and slice of life plot is awesome. The way he draws the cats is realistically depicted, and his over-the-top portrayal of himself is great.


You see, this is Junji Ito’s true story of his life. There were even the real pictures of Yon and Muu.


I enjoyed this a lot, and Cat Diary is a great read for when you still want to experience Ito’s brand of storytelling while going a little lighter on the mind-screwing horror.


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